Colostrum Immun Dr. Wolz

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Immunoglobulins from the first milk


Colostrum Immun Dr. Wolz is obtained in accordance withour special standards from the first milk of New Zealanddairy cows. This milk is almost completely freed from fat,and the immune proteins are concentrated and dried by agentle process. In this procedure the lactoferrin content isincreased and the content of immunoglobulins is standardised.
In New Zealand, the cows remain on the pasture all yearround and are given no additional feed; in fact, the use offeed additives is even prohibited. As a result, a particularly broad spectrum of immunoglobulins is formed. The NewZealand origin ensures freedom from BSE. The concentrate contain more than 20% IgG as well as 3% lactoferrin.
Colostrum Immun Dr. Wolz enhances health, at times ofparticular stress and during changes of season. But alsofor seasonal stress in illnessprone children, including those with an aversion to dairy products. Colostrum ImmunDr. Wolz contains valuable natural ingredients such asbioactive proteins, amino acids and trace elements in concentrated form, but above all the immunoglobulins which provide passive support for the immune system.
Recommendation: 5 capsules per day during the mealswith liquid. During the day or at once. Capsules canbe opened to dilute content with the food.Not with hotliquids.
With colostrum concentrate and folic acid without any  kind of additives.
  • Strengthening and balancing for the immune system
  • For allergies
  • From New Zealand dairy cows

Content: 125 capsules


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