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Brand: Dr. Wolz Zell GmbHDr. Wolz Zell GmbH


Targeted natural substances for men’s health with Vitamin K2


Prostata pro Dr. Wolz contains only natural biological ingredients, which have been selected on the basis of nutritional medicine criteria: flaxseed lignans modulate hormonal effects on the prostate. The secondary plant compound lycopene, which is obtained from the tomato, is regarded as one of the most powerful antioxidants among carotenoids. The therapeutic potential of vitamin K2 has proved to be significant among patients with advanced prostate cancer in particular. Those with prostate problems often suffer from a lack of vitamin D as well. As a constituent of glutathione peroxidase, selenium plays a major role in detoxification metabolism


The thus prevailing synergistic combination in Prostata pro Dr. Wolz serves to promote a healthy prostate on the one hand and, in particular, to treat prostate cancer and its precursors on the other.


Recommended intake: The combination pack contains 2 blisters for different actions. The capsules are different colours. To achieve a combined effect, take 1 capsule  of each colour daily together with a meal and fluid.


With lignans from flax, lycopene from tomato, biologically bound selenium and vitamins D3, K2 and E.

  • For men’s health
  • Promotes cell health
  • Helps ensure a normal immune function
  • Protects cells against oxidative stress

Content: Combination pack containing 2 x 20 capsules


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