Rheuma effective Dr. Wolz

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Reuma effective

Highly concentrated EPA from cold-water sea fish


Rheuma effective Dr. Wolz is a preparation, which owing to its high-dosed content of EPA obtained using a special process, prevents substances from forming within the body, which promote inflammation in rheumatic processes. 


As a rule, our normal diet does not provide an adequate enough supply of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). In order to supply the body with enough EPA, we would have to eat 1 kg of fresh fish a day, depending on the type of fish. Moreover, rheumatic conditions are attenuated when less arachidonic acid is consumed. This fatty acid is contained in meat and egg yolk.


As part of a rheumatism diet, i.e. change of diet + Rheuma effective Dr. Wolz, Rheuma effective Dr. Wolz can have a positive effect on the course of inflammatory rheumatic complaints and thus improve general well-being.


Recommended intake: 4 capsules a day, to be taken whole throughout the day together with meals and a small amount of fluid.


With highly concentrated EPA as well as DHA from cold-water sea fish oil and vitamin E.

  • For the dietetic treatment of inflammatory  rheumatic complaints
  • For targeted eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)  supplementation in rheumatism sufferers

Content: 60 capsules


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